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Water seasoning 140g from hayfen

Where is Hayfene water seasoning mixture used?

Hayfene Su seasoning mix. It can be used in all seafood, fish, soups, olive oil dishes, appetizers, sushi and sauces.

How to use Hayfene Water Seasoning Mix?

Fish, shrimp, sushi and other seafood… Hayfene Water Spice Mixture is a very special product that can be preferred for any product that comes out of the water and can be eaten. With Water Spice Mix, It doesn’t matter what kind of fish or what cooking method you cook it with, Every fish you cook will be a favorite for you and your guests.

You can also choose to mix minced garlic shrimp with olive oil or butter. You can sweeten your meals with the Water Spice mix that you add after cooking the rice used in sushi. You can also flavor avocado, cucumber, or other vegetables that you use with Water Spice Mix for sushi like California Roll, Which does not contain rice but contains vegetables.

Fish soup is a very nutritious and healthy soup. Adding water and spices is enough to make the taste more delicious.

You can also easily use it for olive oil dishes adding flavor to many flavors such as green beans, black peas, and artichokes. The Water Spice Mix is indispensable for appetizers.

Salad is a main course on its own. But it is a product that we mostly consume along with meals. You can discover new tastes with the Water Spice Mixture that you add to salads created by combining many different ingredients.

Recommended favorite foods:

● seafood,

● thickness,

● olive oil,

● appetizers,

● Authorities.

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