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Turkish tea in a package of 400 grams from Hafez Mustafa, the ancient name in the world of Turkish sweets

Turkish tea

It is a Turkish method of cooking and serving tea. In this method, Tea is made using two pieces of teapot.

It produces black tea, which is a type of tea in Turkey. It grows on the eastern shores of the Black Sea. This type of tea among the people is called Turkish tea.

traditionally, Turkish tea is cooked in utensils made for making tea called teapots. The water is placed in the large pot (teapot). As for the other pot, tea is placed in it.

A strong tea is obtained by pouring boiling water over the tea powder. If more water is added, we have a light tea, if less, The tea is heavy and dark. while applying,

The syrup is placed first, then the water is placed in small glass cups called teacups, and sugar is added last.

Tea is traditionally grown in Turkey on the eastern Black Sea border and in Rize Province.

In 2004 Turkey became one of the largest tea markets in the world with a production of 205,500 tons of tea (6.4% of the world’s total tea production). In addition, In 2004, Turkey became the first in the world to consume tea at a rate of 2.5 kilograms per person. England followed with a rate of 2.1 kilograms per capita.

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