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Turkish honey, with Qudra fire fruit extract, Qudra paste extra, 200 grams
This product is 100% natural and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals
Al Qudra Extra Paste is composed of the finest Turkish honey with pomegranate fruit extract

This product is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Food and Agriculture, license number TR-35-003502

Enhances the sexual ability of men and women

It converts the oxygen that is inhaled into energy that is useful to the body

improves the functioning of the nervous system, the reproductive system, digestive system, and pancreas

Improves the process of transporting glucose into the body – rid the body of stress, fatigue and exhaustion

activates the immune system, And raises the number of white blood cells – adjusts the level of sugar in the blood

Treats diarrhea, wounds, And bleeding blood – treats impotence – treats dry mouth and chapped lips

Helps the body restore its balance, After exposure to any ailment or disorder – it stimulates memory and treats diseases of aging and psychological breakdown


Al Qudra Paste Extra product, it is composed of the finest types of Turkish honey in addition to the extract of the fruit of the Al Qudra fire fruit, and it does not contain any chemicals or preservatives

Power Paste Extra product, contains the extract of the fruit of the tropical plant “Balsam Fruit” after removing the seeds from it, so it gives all the beneficial health properties of that fruit

An original product licensed by the official authorities in Turkey, which eliminates users from the counterfeit products that are widely available in the market and cause many harmful side effects.

In addition to the endless and famous benefits of honey, the presence of the extract of the power fire fruit gives the power paste extra a great effect on the sexual power of men, as its continuous use gives sustainable benefits to the sexual health of men

For general strengthening: By adding a teaspoon of Al Qudra Paste Extra “Turkish honey and the extract of Nar Al Qudra fruit”, to a glass of water, or warm milk, And drink the mixture daily on an empty stomach

For the treatment of impotence: by eating two spoonfuls of Qudra Extra paste “Turkish honey and extract of Qudra fire fruit”, in the morning and evening



Turkish honey – the extract of the fruit of the fire of ability

Storage: If taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, please consult a doctor before use

The package is kept closed in a cool place away from sunlight

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