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Turkish coffee in a 170 gram package from Hafez Mustafa, the ancient name in the world of Turkish sweets

What is mastic?

Mastic is a type of tree that grows in the Mediterranean countries. From their trunks, resinous resin is extracted, which forms mastic beads. It was first discovered in Greece 2,500 years ago and more.

The mastic trade spread during the times of the Byzantine Empire and then the Ottoman Empire until the mastic became equal to the value of gold.

The mastic takes the form of small round beads, with a color between white and translucent. It has a refreshing flavor and smart aroma.

Benefits of mastic:

Mouth and teeth: Mastic contributes to improving oral health. As it eliminates types of bacteria that harm the teeth, It helps fight cavities and gum disease.
Digestive system: Mastic helps the digestive system to get rid of indigestion. flatulence, flatulence, ulcers, It helps protect the lining of the stomach.
Circulation: contributes to improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure,
Cholesterol: Helps reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the body.
Uterus: It contributes to narrowing and strengthening the uterus after childbirth. And get rid of excess fluid in it.
Vagina: Mastic helps eliminate bacteria and fungi that cause an unpleasant odor to the vagina. It can help narrow the vagina and tighten its tissues.
Chest: Mastic contributes to the treatment of some chest diseases such as asthma and bronchospasm.

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