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Men’s 925 silver ring, large Hagia Sophia mosque design

22.10 ± g. (depend on size)

A look around the Hagia Sophia Mosque

year 1453, The Ottomans conquered Constantinople under the leadership of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, who was called “The Conqueror”. And when the conquest was by force, that is, by fighting, The ownership of the city’s utilities was transferred to the hands of the new conquerors, according to what was prevalent at that time. Accordingly, the sultan ordered the church to be emptied and the call to prayer raised in it. An announcement to make it a mosque for Muslims. And remember the accounts of Muslim historians who were contemporary with the event, Such as the historian Ashiq Pasha, Aq Shams al-Din, Tursun Bey, and others. That when Muhammad Al-Fatih walked to the Hagia Sophia Cathedral where many people gathered, he secured them for their lives, their property and their freedom. He asked them to go home. After that, he went to the altar of the cathedral and ordered the call to prayer to be raised there. And he performed the Asr prayer inside it, announcing that it would be a mosque for Muslims

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