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Men’s 925 silver ring, gothic design, with coral stone

11.65 ± g. (depend on size)

A look around the coral stone

Coral is one of the most famous gemstones, although it is not a mineral. Rather, it is considered an animal (organic) material. Coral is one of the oldest organic materials used in jewelry making. For twenty centuries, coral has been classified with precious gems. But he lost some of his popularity for a certain period, Then he began to regain his status and popularity in recent years. Coral is composed of calcium carbonate. And the red coral material is the hard skeleton of the coral colony, which gives us its familiar form, This substance is composed of tiny red spicules secreted by corals. After its secretion, these spicules stick together. These individuals are graduated, each of which is used in the manufacture of jewelry. The Arab scholar Al-Jawahiri (Al-Tivashi) defined it by saying: Corals are intermediate between the plant and inanimate worlds. For it resembles an inanimate object by its petrification. The plant is likened to trees growing at the bottom of the sea, with veins and branching green branches standing.” .

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