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Men’s 925 silver ring, king’s crown design, decorated with black mystical topaz stone

21.05 ± g. (depend on size).

A look at the mystical topaz stone

Topaz consists of silicate aluminum and fluorine and its chemical formula is: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2, Topaz is used as a gemstone in jewelry and other ornamental purposes. Topaz in its natural state has a golden yellow colour. However, various impurities can make topaz red. or pale grey, or reddish orange, or green, or pink, or opaque, Its name is derived from the Greek words (Τοpáziοs) or (Τοpáziοn).

The first yellow topaz crystals (modern topaz) were discovered in Germany in 1737 AD. In 1740 A.D. a large stone of it was discovered in Brazil. At first the large stone was thought to be a diamond and was quickly polished for use on the Portuguese crown. Later, it was identified as a topaz, not a diamond. But she kept her place on the royal crown

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