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925 silver women’s bracelet with oval zultanite design

6.16 ± g.

Size 17 ± cm

A Look About Zultanite Stone

This type of gemstone is distinguished by its antiquity and originality. Because it is one of the precious stones worn by the leaders and sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Zultanite is also known as Diaspore, a name derived from the Greek language.

The colors of this stone range from yellow, red, pink and translucent green. The intense red color that characterizes the zultanite stone is due to the high concentration of manganese. Similar to the alexandrite stone. Zultanite also has the amazing ability to change its color according to the illumination of the surrounding environment.

The best types of zultanite are extracted from one place in the world. It is the Anatolian Highlands at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Its reserves are stored in the Turkish city of Selimiye. Its extraction began in the mid-eighties of the twentieth century.

Diaspore stone was first discovered in 1801 in Russia, specifically in the Ural Mountains. But the first piece of it was introduced to the market in the seventies of the twentieth century. Most of the materials extracted from this stone were of poor quality which is why the Diaspore got a bad reputation for some time.

to avoid confusing them, The most expensive specimen was called zultanite. Since then this precious stone has conquered the gemstone market in an amazing way. Even Hollywood stars chose zultanite gems to wear on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

These gems attract attention for their exceptional color and intensity of brilliance. They change color depending on the ambient light source from kiwi green when exposed to natural light. to a raspberry-pink color under artificial light or candlelight. Added to it shades of khaki green, pink cognac, pink champagne, In addition to the color of ginger.

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