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It is a sexual performance enhancer with the herbs in it

Epimedium is a special plant that eliminates sexual problems

It is eaten with a wooden spoon about 30-40 minutes before intercourse, and a cup of warm water is drunk over it on an empty or full stomach. No plastic or metal spoon is inserted into the product.


After opening the product, The paste must be mixed well

The paste lasts for one to three days. And this time varies according to the desire of the partners and the amount of performance they spend

Thanks to the use of Epimedium paste, It solves the problem of premature ejaculation and erection in men. reluctance and dryness in women, It even increases sexual performance and desire through its aphrodisiac effect

Men and women should use a maximum of 3 scoops per day

No side effects have been encountered so far

No illegal substance is used in the products

for the product

GMP, ISO9001, ISO22000, Halal

There are 4 certificates available.

The trademark registration certificate has also been obtained