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What is an orchid:

It is a popular drink popular in the Arab world, especially in the Levant, Egypt and the Hijaz. The orchid is a well-known plant from the family of orchids. It is grown for decoration as it is found in the wild. It has tuberous roots that are brown on the outside and white on the inside, narrow leaves that are often stained black, and the stem has violet flowers. It is famous for its starchy white powder, from which the well-known orchid drink is made. Sahlab drink consists mainly of milk and Sahlab tuber powder. It is one of the common foods with the Turkish heritage. This drink spread in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

How to prepare:

Boil the milk and add one or two tablespoons of sahlab powder for each cup (250 ml), in addition to the ground mastic, sugar and rose water. It is served hot. It is placed on it – when serving – crushed walnuts with coconut and cinnamon. Or finely crushed pistachios, peanuts, or other nuts. Egyptians and Turks prefer orchids with cinnamon.


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