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Chado’s Rooibos and Butterfly’s chocolate expertise come together in Ruby’s Chocolate with Rooibos, Which we developed with the Butterfly Chocolate brand that we love so much at Artisan Chocolate.

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Ruby Coverture Chocolate 47.3%, rooibos, sugar , cocoa butter , skimmed milk powder, full-fat milk , soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, cocoa mass

Rooibos Ruby Chocolate contains no preservatives.

Clear: 45 grams

What is ruby chocolate?

in the world of chocolate, We first met dark chocolate, Then milk, then white chocolate. We’ve been sweetening our mouths with these three main types of chocolate for years, When an entirely new type of chocolate produced from cocoa beans was developed, And his name is Robbie. Let’s take a closer look at Ruby, Known as the fourth type of chocolate in the world, 80 years after the invention of white chocolate;

Ruby is actually made from cocoa beans. It may come to mind that it is mixed with fruit extracts such as strawberries and raspberries to get its distinctive pink color. However , This is a natural color originating from the pigments of cocoa beans without any “ruby” additives. This is the main reason why it is called the “fourth kind of chocolate”.

easy to guess the taste, According to Business Insider chocolate author and gourmet Angus Kennedy. Kennedy explains how it tastes for those who haven’t tasted ruby chocolate yet. “First put some white chocolate in your mouth. Put a few berries in your mouth before swallowing. Then put some milk chocolate in your mouth. Mix in your mouth and swallow. This is what ruby chocolate tastes like…white chocolate flavor with a slight raspberry flavor.”

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