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Women’s bracelet of natural amber in dark red

5.74 grams

Look around the amber stone

Amber is a translucent orange stone. And it looks like a gem, even though it’s not a precious stone. While it is a resin “resin” secreted by one of the perennial coniferous trees, which are more than millions of years old and which are spread in Northern Europe. This tree secretes this substance to defend itself against diseases and fungi. And when the amount of these secretions increases, they become heavy and fall to the ground.

With the passage of time, This substance turns into rocks of different colors, depending on the surrounding environment, They are colored in many attractive colors. Some insects may be attracted to these colours. But when you approach it, it will stick to it and petrify inside it.

Clear amber is more valuable than cloudy amber. And even if there are some frozen insects inside it. The Baltic Sea region is the main source of amber. Although it is not known when amber was first used, However, it can be linked to the population in the Stone Age.

Some archaeologists also found a little amber in Egyptian tombs dating back to 3200 BC. Scandinavia is still a major source of amber today.

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