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Turkish coffee culture
Turkish coffee is the only type of coffee served with grounds and has a unique identity and tradition with its taste, foam, aroma, cooking and presentation.
It is known that coffee spread throughout the world from southern Abyssinia at the beginning of the fourteenth century. The drink obtained by boiling the coffee fruits gained, especially in the Arabian Peninsula, Different coffee flavors with new preparation and cooking methods. The meeting of the Turks with coffee was with the conquest of Cairo around 1517. Coffee has been one of the defining elements of the Ottoman lifestyle since the beginning of the sixteenth century. The coffeehouses that were opened added vitality to the life of the city and created the coffee culture.
in Turkish coffee culture. Various tools and equipment are used from the coffee beans to the cooking and presentation stage. Coffee cups are among the most important symbols of Turkish coffee culture.
This set that I bought was specially produced for Paşabahçe stores.
Parts included in the kit:
• Iznik set of 2 cups and 2 plates
• 2 side cups of Iznik coffee
• Coffee beans
Copper coffee pot
Copper coffee grinder
• Information card on Turkish coffee culture

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