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Other names

mastic, mastic, mystic, mastic, natural gum, gum, gum tree

the origin


English name

mastic gum, mastic gum, mastic, mastic, Mastiha

The corner life is appreciated

Pistacia lentiscus



Mastic gum is obtained by drying and hardening a type of resin secreted by gum trees. It is an aromatic and delicious product that has many benefits. It turns out that mastic gum, which can be chewed directly and used to dissolve in various sweets, It is added to many foods and cosmetics just as a flavoring.

Where are you using?

Thanks to the special scent it contains, It is used in many fields such as cosmetics, perfumes and food industry. It is also included in the content of sweets and chewing gum. Mastic gum is a natural product that is widely used in milk desserts, ice cream, cakes and biscuits.

How do you use gum drops?

At the same time , You can add it to many desserts such as pudding, cakes, biscuits, By pounding it in a mortar until the smell it contains comes out well. If you use it in your homemade ice cream, It will add a refreshing flavour. if you like it, You can add mastic gum, that you beat in a mortar, to your cold drinks such as smoothies and frozen treats.

Our favorite recipes

● a drop of custard gum,

● Gum Drop cookies,

● octopus shaped gum.

Hot tomato jam recipe

The ingredients for this recipe are:

● 500 grams of cherry tomatoes,

● 500 g of granulated sugar,

● 1.5 cups of water

● 2 medium sized lemons,

● 1 mastic gum (0.5g)

● 1 cinnamon stick,

● 5 lobes,

● 100 grams of unsalted almonds.

The recipe for spicy tomato jam is as follows:

Or not , Transfer the water and sugar to a deep saucepan. Then add the gum and whisk it with a whisk until it dissolves with the sugar. Add the cloves and cinnamon sticks to the mixture and bring to a boil over medium heat until it becomes thick.

In the meantime , Peel the husks of waiting almonds with hot water, Wash the tomatoes and add them to the mixture together. Boil the jam over low heat for 30 minutes, Until the tomatoes explode and ripen.

At this stage , Be careful not to mix the jam too much. also , In order for the color to be as clear as possible, You should remove the foam from the surface like jam foam.

After grating only the yellow parts of the lemon rind, Cut it in half and squeeze out the juice. After adding the peels and juice of the lemon to the jam, which began to thicken, Boil for another 5 minutes and then remove from the stove.

When the jam has cooled, You can pour it into jars and keep them tightly closed. It is recommended to store the jam in a place away from the sun. at room temperature.

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