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  • This product is natural. paraben free, It holds the Turkish Content Safety Certificate.
  • A pure natural formula of vegetable oils and vitamins that gives the beard a wonderful look, in addition to its main function in nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles, which helps to fill the empty spaces through regular use.
  • By using the included soap, the effect of the beard lotion is doubled. Through deep cleansing of the skin, allowing the solution to reach the deepest layers of the skin.


turkish beard solution, Developer in the laboratories of Majid Effendi Company, It offers you our guarantee of a strong and sustainable effect without any side effects on the safety of your skin.

The formula of vegetable oils and vitamins works to nourish the weak hair follicles and strengthen the hairs, which leads to filling the empty areas in the beard.
The formula of botanical oils and vitamins gives your beard a great look that can be trimmed and a clear difference that you can notice within the first week of use.

For best results, it is recommended to use the solution morning and evening. Where the beard is washed with the attached soap well and then dried, Then the solution is applied by massaging the beard and the skin underneath to ensure that the oils reach the deepest layers of the skin.

For owners of weak beards and full of voids, it is recommended to use the solution for two consecutive months to get the best results


Keep it away from sunlight and sources of heat, Keep out of reach of children, Store at room temperature, If the solution comes into contact with the eyes, wash them with sufficient amount of water, For external use only