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Luxurious mixed nuts that are characterized by healthy fats for the body and contain a number of important nutrients that the body needs, such as fiber, minerals, and proteins, all of which are elements that the body needs. The most important benefits of nuts. Health benefits of nuts: Nuts have a role in reducing the risk of heart disease, as they reduce the incidence rate by more than half for people who consume nuts regularly because they contain vitamins E and B. Nuts can lower the LDL cholesterol level and thus the cholesterol level in general. Nuts contain good proportions of important vitamins such as vitamin D and vitamin E, and these vitamins limit the oxidation of some of the basic components in the cell. There is no doubt that antioxidants are associated with the prevention of cancer, as they rid the body of oxidizing substances that may harm it and cause the activity of some cancer cells. Nuts contain a good percentage of dietary fiber that may reach more than 3%, as in cashews and hazelnuts, so It has a good effect on health because dietary fiber is associated with reducing colon problems and lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Nuts are distinguished for containing potassium, which is a very important element for muscle activity. Nuts are rich in phosphorus, which is useful for the brain and bones. Nuts found some basic nutrients such as iron and calcium in good degrees, which are good minerals for maintaining the integrity of bones in adults and the elderly, and important for children and pregnant women. Zinc, which is also a very important element for growth and increasing the body’s immunity, and contributes to sexual puberty in Natural time, available in nuts. Nuts have an index to lower blood sugar and accordingly, nutrition experts often recommend including nuts in the diets prescribed for patients with type 2 diabetes problems. Nuts are an ideal source of vitamin E and B, which is rich in folic acid and vitamin E, which are important vitamins for the freshness of the skin, and it can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Finally, the most important thing that distinguishes nuts is that they do not form uric acid in the body like meat, which causes many diseases such as diseases joints. Also, nuts are eaten raw and do not lose any of their elements due to cooking, for example, and most of the fats in nuts are unsaturated, unlike what is in meat, which contains a lot of harmful saturated fats.

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