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Kofta seasoning 45 gr

What are kofta spices?

Kofta seasoning is a flavorful spice blend and a shefa store with it’s contents. The kofta spices include coriander, black pepper, paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice with their own flavors and aromas. with its natural content, It is a candidate to be an indispensable seasoning for your meals. You can use these unique spices in your meals to create holiday-like meals!

Where is kofta seasoning used?

If you ask where to use it, This spice can be safely used in all types of kofta. kofta seasoning, Which you can use in meat, chicken, soup and vegetable dishes, It is a mixture that puts an end to all kinds of spices. if you like it, You can cook chicken and meat by marinating them in spices. You will love tarhana with spring kofta!

How to use kofta seasoning

You can add spring kofta seasoning directly to the prepared kofta. You can use it as a seasoning in meat, chicken and vegetable dishes, in soup or as a sauce. You can cook meat and chicken by marinating or rubbing the spring kofta. when making a bet, You can get a delicious tarhana by adding kofta spring instead of tarhana herb. The amount of kofta used depends entirely on your taste.

Our favorite recipes

● Izmir kofta,

● grilled chicken,

● Seafood soup with vegetables and meatballs.

Spring Spaghetti Meatballs


● 400 gr minced meat,

● 1 small onion, grated

● 4 cloves of crushed garlic,

● half a lemon,

● 50 g grated Parmesan cheese,

● 1 tablespoon of olive oil,

● 400 grams of spaghetti,

● 150ml cream,

● 200 gr peas,

● 1 bunch of finely chopped parsley,

● 1 teaspoon spring meatballs.


● All ingredients and spices are taken into a bowl and kneaded.

● Round meatballs are prepared in a mortar. Heat the oil in the pan.

● Cook the meatballs until golden brown.

● Noodles are cooked to desired consistency and drained.

● Add 150ml of pasta water, cream and peas to the meatballs and cook and toss all the ingredients in the pan for a few minutes by adding the pasta.

● It is recommended to serve it with parsley and parmesan.

General information

Spring Meatball is a delicious blend of seven different spices. The combination of coriander, sweet red pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice adds flavor to meat, chicken, vegetable dishes, and soups. Especially in meatballs. You can add the spring meatballs to dishes as a seasoning or as a sauce. If you are going to try spring meatballs for the first time, Take a look at our favorite recipes

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