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A product with 100% natural extracts, with a Turkish content safety certificate

Turkish hair growth retardant cream combines papaya extract with 8 other plant extracts in a unique formula that is not available in any other product.

Papaya extract cream is the most used product to delay hair growth in Turkey

Hair delay cream with papaya extract can be used to delay hair growth on the face and all over the body safely

For the best result, use for 5-6 days after hair removal, according to the method of use that is fully described in the product description

Hair Retardant Cream is a product to delay unwanted hair growth and does not claim to completely remove or stop hair growth

Turkish Hair Retardant Cream, Papaya Extract Hair Retardant Cream with 8 All-Natural Plant Extracts in a Unique Formula Unavailable in Any Other Product

The main effect of the product comes from papaya extract, which breaks down and digests the proteins surrounding the hair follicles and stimulates its growth. Breaking down these proteins weakens the bulb and delays hair growth. The seven plant extracts accompanying the papaya extract also have inhibitory effects on hair growth, as well as a soothing effect on the skin that prevents irritation and limits hair growth. Feel it after hair removal, and the product has a moisturizing and softening effect on the skin

Turkish hair growth retardant cream is a natural product formulated from plant extracts duly licensed by the competent authorities in Turkey, and holds a content safety certificate

the ingredients
– Wild tea extract – Hops extract – European mistletoe extract – St. John’s wort leaf extract – St. John’s wort extract Papaya extract

Hamamelis Virginiana Extract – Arnica Flower Extract – European White Willow Bark Extract


How to use

After removing unwanted hair from the roots, if the skin is exposed to any redness or irritation due to the hair removal method, wash the area with cold water and wait about ten minutes before applying the hair growth retardant cream.

An appropriate amount of hair growth retardant cream is taken and applied to the target area and massaged in a gentle circular motion until fully absorbed by the skin

To get the best result, repeat the process after hair removal twice a day for 5-6 days


Usage warnings:
Suitable for all types of people – keep out of reach of children

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