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Say hello to your new hair with the goodness angel who takes his power of a pea and pours it all into your hair

Suitable for all hair types

Without parabens

It does not contain colourants

It does not contain animal products and gelatin

Does not contain silicone

It does not contain alcohol

How to use

the oil:

Gather your clean hair at certain points and divide it into parts

Apply the oil to the remaining skin at the split points

Massage your scalp with gentle, circular motions with the fleshy part of your fingers (without touching the nails).

Then you can go about your daily life without rinsing your hair

It is used daily morning and evening during use

in addition to, Shampoo is recommended MECİTEFENDİ during use

Serum shampoo use :

Apply an adequate amount of MECİTEFENDI shampoo to your wet hair according to your hair frequency

Leave it on your hair as a lather for two minutes