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Ground seasoning 100g from hayfen

What’s in Hayfene soil seasoning mix?

Heaven Earth spice mix contains: Cayenne pepper , sumac, garlic , olive oil , zaatar , Mint , basil , sea salt.

Where is Hayfene soil seasoning mixture used?

the sweet smell of hot pepper, And the unforgettable sour taste of sumac on your taste buds and on your tongue, and a mixture of aromatic herbs; You can easily use it in egg dishes, meat, chicken, bulgur, dishes containing legumes, and vegetable dishes.

How to use Hayfene Earth spice mix?

You can use the ground spice mixture, which you can choose for your breakfast foods, for your egg rolls. Egg varieties mixed with the flavor of thyme and basil will be appreciated. In addition, Earth Spice Mixture can be preferred not only for eggs but also for olives and cheese.

The product can also be made into an appetizer by mixing it with olive oil alone. soil seasoning mixture, which will be indispensable for meat dishes, It will add a different taste to the meat and take the taste to the next level.

Bulgur Pilaf with Hayfene Soil Mix It will not be your old bulgur pilaf! The mixture will also be indispensable for sterility. Whether it is a dish with olive oil or a bowl dish, Legume dishes with a mixture of ground spices will be appreciated.

The soil seasoning mixture use area is just; It is not limited to meat and chicken dishes. You can choose soil seasoning mixture with peace of mind in all your vegetable dishes and salads. You can also use the product in your salad preferences.

Suggested favorite recipes to use:

• breakfast,

• egg recipes,

meat foods,

• meals containing chicken,

• bulgur pilaf,


• Vegetarian food.

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