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Activates the ovary and helps in the formation of the egg. Weight gain enhances the sexual ability of men and women

It converts inhaled oxygen into useful energy for the body, improves the functioning of the nervous system, And the reproductive system, and the digestive system, and the pancreas

– Relieves the body from the feeling of stress, fatigue and exhaustion – Treats impotence – Adjusts the level of sugar in the blood Treats impotence

Improves the process of transporting glucose into the body – activates the immune system – and increases the number of white blood cells Treats diarrhea, wounds and bleeding

– helps the body to restore its balance, After exposure to any malaise or disorder, dry mouth and chapped lips are treated

treats rheumatism, prostatitis, And liver disease activates memory and treats diseases of old age and psychological breakdown

This product is 100% natural and complies with the standards of the Turkish Food Codex – it enhances bone density, strengthens it and prevents osteoporosis

Turkish ginseng honey provided by Majid Effendi Company contains: ginseng, and honey, and pollen, All of them are a natural paste with many benefits for the human body, health and sexual ability


Benefits of Turkish ginseng honey for the body

Converts inhaled oxygen into useful energy for the body Activates the ovaries and helps in the formation of the egg Helps in weight gain

It improves the functioning of the nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system and pancreas

improves the process of transporting glucose into the body, rid the body of waste resulting from the decomposition of nutrients, like lactic acid, and pyruvic acid

The body gets rid of the feeling of stress, fatigue, and exhaustion, It enhances the feeling of vitality and activity

activates the immune system, and raises the number of white blood cells, improves the performance of antibodies, stimulates the secretion of interferon, virus resistant, Thus, it increases the body’s ability to resist diseases

regulates the level of sugar in the blood, It lowers the bad cholesterol level, regulates blood pressure, It prevents the accumulation of fat in the arteries. reduces the risk of heart disease, Arteries and strokes

Treats diarrhea, wounds, Bleeding treats dry mouth and chapped lips

treat impotence, It resists hardening of the arteries in the genitals, and increases blood flow to it, And increases the activity and the percentage of sperm

strengthens hair, and prevent its fall, It gives it vitality, helps the body restore its balance after exposure to any malaise or disorder

It stimulates memory and treats aging and psychological breakdown. It treats rheumatism, prostatitis and liver diseases

Regulates the metabolism. Provides the body with a high percentage of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. and nourishes the embryos

It prevents deformities in the fetuses

It enhances bone density and strengthens it. It protects her from osteoporosis

gives the skin freshness, vitality, cleans it of bacteria, contraceptive, The appearance of signs of aging is delayed

reduces puffiness around the eyes, And removes dark circles

treats skin disorders, opens the skin, removes stains, And skin pigmentation


Use for general strengthening: By adding a teaspoon of ginseng honey, to a glass of water, or warm milk, And drink the mixture daily on an empty stomach


To treat ED: By eating two tablespoons of ginseng honey daily, Morning or evening


Installation: Ginseng – pollen – honey



Keep out of reach of children – Keep away from heat and moisture

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