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Five Elements Seasoning 140gm from hayfen

What’s in Hayfene 5.Element Seasoning Mix?

In the spice blend of Heaven Fifth Element; garlic , Tomatoes , chili flakes, coconut sugar, Brown sugar , coriander , hot red pepper, cumin , sweet red pepper, sea salt, Ginger , Turmeric , Lemon and fenugreek.

Where is Hayfene 5.Element Seasoning Mix used?

Heaven’s Fifth Element spice blend; It can be used in all dishes made with red and white meat, fish, vegetable dishes, soups, rice, pasta, salads, sauces and stir-fries.

How to use Heaven Fifth Element seasoning mixture?

fifth element, Which consists of a mixture of 5 different flavors that will delight your taste buds; A spice blend that combines sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami flavours. Umami means “pleasant taste” in Japanese.

fifth spice mixture, Which can be used in many dishes, salads and sauces from dips to salads and from meat dishes to soups, It is as high as the level of flavor it leaves on the palate as well as the type of food it is used for. In addition to the product; It also stands out as a spice blend that people of all ages will enjoy. From children to adults.

Heaven Fifth Seasoning Mix The ingredient added to casserole dishes, casseroles, or dishes containing red or white meat will make you the chef of your own kitchen! The fifth seasoning mixture can also be combined with rice, One of the most delicious traditional foods.

No one will be able to refuse your salad with tuna, mediterranean vegetables or cheese with fifth spice blend.

If you’re wondering how pasta with bolognese sauce, creamy mushrooms or tomato paste could be more delicious, Then Fifth Seasoning Mix is the perfect choice for you! The fifth ingredient will become the number one spice blend, which you can use for chips or sauces to complement meals, And also for appetizers.

Recommended favorite foods:

● meals containing red meat,

● meals containing chicken meat,

● thickness,

● vegetable dishes,

● soup,

● rice,

● pasta.

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