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A 100% natural product with a Turkish content safety certificate

A revolutionary formula containing horse chestnut extract with 7 botanical extracts plus hyaluronic acid, which has a unique effect on wrinkles.

The cream formula with horse chestnut extract regulates blood circulation in the eye area and prevents sagging of the vessels

Prevents the occurrence of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, It prevents skin discoloration around the eyes

Effective in removing wrinkles instantly

Horse chestnut cream takes care of the skin cells around the eyes

It treats the unwanted appearance of capillaries caused by skin aging

Moisturizing the skin and preventing dry skin

This product is 100% natural and does not contain paraffin derivatives

The eye contour cream with horse chestnut extract, provided by the Turkish company Majid Effendi, takes care of the eye area
And keeping the cells intact in this very sensitive area of the face
Horse chestnut has been known for centuries for its healing effect on vascular disorders in various parts of the body

Horse chestnut extract cream contains horse chestnut extract, Various plant extracts mentioned in the attached table, Hyaluronic acid with miraculous anti-wrinkle effect

Horse chestnut extract cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, It prevents skin discoloration in this area. It also repairs the appearance of capillaries caused by aging skin cells

The cream contains a plant group that has an effect on the blood vessels that nourish the capillaries and prevent their expansion. It regulates blood circulation around the eye. When this cycle is regulated, it helps prevent the formation of black rings around the eye and reduces bags under the eye as well

Horse chestnut cream is one of the most important natural cosmetics that hinder skin aging. It is a product completely free of paraffin, synthetic materials, and preservatives

What is paraffin:
Paraffin is a very strong protective substance added to cosmetics “cream – lotion, Shampoo..” with the aim of extending the shelf life of the products and preventing the growth of bacteria inside them

What is the importance of using products that do not contain paraffin?

Since paraffin shows estrogen-like behavior in the body, Women’s risk of breast cancer increased when frequent use of paraffin products

In order to avoid these risks for our valued customers, we are keen to provide products made from natural raw materials, free of paraffin
Holds health quality certificates registered by the Turkish Ministry of Health

Ingredients: horse chestnut extract, gotu kola extract, calendula extract, apricot kernel oil extract, grape kernel oil extract
Olive oil, hyaluronic acid, deionized water, shea butter, other ingredients


Apply horse chestnut cream gently around the eyes twice a day, one of them right before bed


Keep out of reach of children – Keep away from heat and moisture – Avoid contact with eyes – For external use only