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Columbia filter coffee in a package of 250 grams.

Carefully selected high quality Arabica beans are specially roasted to bring out their unique flavours.

It is applied with traditional craftsmanship and precision, using advanced technology.

Freshly ground coffee packed with the latest technology keeps its aroma and freshness for at least two years.

Furthermore it; Roasted beans are packed using special valve packages, Especially for companies that prefer filtered coffee as beans, Especially for mass consumption.

What is filtered coffee?

Coffee has influenced many cultures and lives. It has become an integral part of our daily life.

filtered coffee, indispensable for coffee addicts, It is actually a drink that everyone can make in two different ways.

Today we present to you a recipe for making filtered coffee at home in two different ways.

filtered coffee, which can be drunk with or without milk, Made with a coffee maker or french press.

While buying filtered coffee, You can make delicious filter coffee by purchasing more or less ground coffee depending on the material you will be using. for this process, The first filter ground coffee must be purchased. If the tool that will be used to prepare filtered coffee is a French press, It is better to prefer medium ground coffee.

There are also benefits to filtered coffee. A study conducted in the United States revealed that consuming filtered coffee up to 4 cups per day reduces the risk of depression.

Among the benefits of filtered coffee, which are also included in the diet menus, High level of antioxidant properties. Let’s learn how to make filtered coffee together

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