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the description: Provides a rejuvenating and refreshing effect of 7 plant extracts together.

St. John’s wort oil with a calming effect,

Flaxseed oil that helps you restore soft and supple skin with its high content of unsaturated fatty acids,

pure apricot kernel oil,

The first choice for those who want freshness and vitality.

Pure Rosehip Seed Oil that provides luxurious skin care and rejuvenation with its rejuvenating fatty acids,

It provides your skin with the natural care it needs. Thanks to its special formula made of fast-absorbing coconut oil,

and restorative folia oil and thyme oil,This helps the skin prevent moisture loss. . Thanks to its effective formula, Helps your skin regain firmness and vitality.


How to use:

To get the best result, we recommend applying Cobone natural cream on clean skin and then massaging it in a circular motion so that the skin can be saturated with the cream to the maximum extent possible.

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