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It is known that the best matcha tea is grown and processed in Japan. As Shadow Tea, We have been selling matcha tea that is only grown and processed in Japan since 2007.

Matcha tea is available in many different qualities. Matcha (Koicha) is one of the finest matcha teas and is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Matcha tea is obtained by powdering high-quality Japanese Gyokoro tea with special processes. The crushing process is of great importance, when done at high speed, There is a local warming and burning in the tea leaves. In order to prevent this unwanted situation, Gyokuro tea leaves are ground in a very slow process.

Matcha tea is used in the Japanese tea ceremonies and is one of the oldest types of green tea.

the ingredients: 100% Japanese Matcha Powder

Preparation suggestions: Add 1-2 teaspoonfuls to 250ml of water at 66°C – 77°C. It is recommended to mix and sugar without waiting.

Number of meals: Include an average of 35 cups of pleasure per month

Clear: 50 grams

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