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Natural matcha tea is a tea that does not contain any herbs or additives except for matcha tea. matcha tea, which is drunk in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, Made from shade-grown tea tree leaves. This matcha tea is made from green tea grown and processed in Japan, without any additives.

Matcha (pronounced as matcha tea) is left in the shade for 15 days before the tea leaves are picked. Because it allows the plant to secrete more chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives tea its bright green color and provides a strong flavour.

Once the tea leaves are harvested, It is steamed, dried, and passed through a process in which the stems, veins, and other excesses are separated. As a result of this process, “Tencha” is obtained, As only 10% of the first product assembled remains. Then the tencha is crushed very slowly, Usually with a hand mill. It takes about 3 hours to get matcha tea by grinding 100 grams of tencha. The faster processing creates an unwanted burnt taste in the tea.

Matcha tea (matcha) is drunk directly as well as used in many drinks and desserts. These include matcha latte, matcha cafe au lite, matcha milkshake, matcha cake, Matcha cookie.

It is known that the best matcha tea is grown and processed in Japan. As Chado tea, We have been selling Matcha tea grown and processed in Japan since 2007 in two variants as Matcha and Mathca Koicha.

How to prepare : Matcha is brewed by adding 1-2 teaspoons to 250ml of water at 66°C – 77°C. It is recommended that they be drunk directly

The number of servings is 35 cups

Net weight : 50 g

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