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JASMINE PEARLS combines Chinese green tea leaves and jasmine flower in a very special form.

in this tea, Where only the carefully collected bud and top two leaves of fresh green tea are used,

The leaves are turned into pearls by wrapping the leaves with a jasmine flower. One after the other , in a long process.

In this way the jasmine flower maintains its special scent and fragrance for a long time.

It is a relaxing and refreshing tea.

the ingredients:

Green tea leaves and jasmine flower

Fermentation recommendations:

It is recommended to brew for 3-5 minutes by adding 1 teaspoon to 250ml of water at 77°C – 85°C. The same tea can be brewed 2-3 times.

There is no single right way to brew tea. They differ according to each type of tea and people’s preferences. The above temperature, duration and quantity are a recommendation based on years of experience, And you can take that as a starting point for yourself and create your own ideal fermentation conditions over time.

for example , The Japanese get a richer taste by shortening the brewing time and increasing the amount of tea they brew.

The downside to brewing this way is that you are consuming more than usual. on the other side , When prepared in this way, You can easily increase the number of drinks to 2 or 3. You can set the time and amount to get different flavours, But we do not recommend fermentation at high temperatures, Because exceeding the recommended temperature will cause the tea leaves to burn and spoil the delicate flavours.

Number of shares: Average 35 cups

Clear: 50 grams

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