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Blue Flowers Earl Gray is obtained by blending high quality black tea leaves grown in the Nilgiri region of India with Blue Malva (Mallow) flower and Bergamot grown in Italy.

Black tea leaves with strong notes and body are used in our Earl Gray blend.

Although tea was not grown in England, It was from this country that Earl Gray tea spread to the world.

The British created a mixture of Earl Gray with high-quality black tea that they brought from India, which was a colony at that time.

In fact , The British made two important contributions to tea culture: The first was the emergence of Earl Gray tea by adding bergamot to the tea during the reign of the second Earl Gray, One of the British presidents.

The other is that at around 16:00 in the afternoon, They gladly brew tea into the tea culture as “tea time” (high tea).

Earl Gray is also sometimes erroneously known as “Early Gray” or “Earl Gray”.

NB: Blue Flowers Earl Gray can be blended with the recently popular Blue Butterfly Pea (blue tea).

the ingredients:

black tea, Roselle , Bergamot

Ideal preparation conditions:

It is recommended to soak 1-2 teaspoons in about 250ml of water at 88°C-100°C for 3-5 minutes.

Number of shares: Average 35 cups

Clear: 50 grams

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