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Anti-Aging Cream Anti -Wrinkle Skin Care Botanical Formula 100ml

This product contains an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle botanical formula, free of paraben derivatives

Anti-aging cream resists the stubborn marks left by time on the skin due to aging and various weather factors, which include wrinkles around the eyes, “crow’s feet” and wrinkles that change the shape of the face and neck.

Anti aging cream suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Anti-cutaneous cream A gentle cream with a pure aqueous excipient that does not leave an irritating effect on the skin and is absorbed into the skin in 1-2 minutes without any trace

It is preferable to use it 3 times a day to ensure that results begin to appear within a month for aging, wrinkled skin

For normal aging skin It is preferable to use it twice a day to ensure that results begin to appear within 15 days

Thanks to the advanced formula of the anti-aging cream, rich in minerals, vitamins and plant extracts, You can get rid of the most stubborn skin aging manifestations

Through deep hydration and rebuilding of skin cells, Wrinkles around the eyes “crow’s feet” can be completely eliminated. Wrinkles that change the shape of the face and neck

The peculiarity of the composition of the anti-aging cream is that the active ingredients are completely plant-based, The special protein extracted from the fruits of the argan tree

Wheatgrass oil and natural black grape seed oil, And the miracle molecule extracted exclusively from plant origin is hyaluronic acid

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