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Turkish pistachio: All you need to know

Learn about Turkish pistachios, One of the most fertile nuts in Turkey! People in Turkey call it “Antep fıstığı”. You can see Turkish pistachio like Gaziantep pistachio too. pistachio, which is also referred to as green gold, It is a gift for the people of the fertile lands of Anatolia.

pistachio, which occupies a significant position in the economy, It finds its place in various areas of the food industry. It is also a source of nutrients that are eaten like nuts.

Turkish pistachios are considered a “functional food”, Which contains ingredients that can meet the basic nutritional requirements of the human body, It also has positive effects on body physiology and metabolic functions. You can find the best Turkish pistachios in a Turkish city called Gaziantep. pistachio’s original name, “Antibes Vestige” comes from this city. Pistachio is used as a flavoring additive in the confectionery and confectionery industry (especially baklava and chocolate), ice cream industry, as well as consuming it as a cookie, It is a source of energy and nutritional value that has great value in terms of vision.

Newly planted pistachios begin to produce products when they reach the age of 10 and give an average of 10 kg. of products per tree. The average life span is 100-150 years. pistachio, an important source of livelihood for the local population, Harvests in late August to September.

Benefits of Turkish pistachios

Rich in Vitamin B6

– Rich in antioxidants

Protects veins

Supports heart health

– Supports healthy skin

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