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Air seasoning 115g from hayfen

What’s in Hayfene Air Spice Mix?

in a heavenly air seasoning mixture; garlic , coriander , sweet paprika, cumin , Turmeric , sea salt, black pepper , cinnamon , hot pepper , Nutmeg and sage.

Where is Hayfene Air seasoning mix used?

It can be preferred in all chicken and turkey dishes, fast food, potato dishes, stews, sautés and tofu.

How to use Hayfene Air seasoning mix?

Chicken is a type of meat that is widely consumed in meals and is indispensable for almost all types of meals. Regardless of whether it is boiled or baked, The dishes will become more beautiful by marinating the chicken meat with the Air Spice Mixture that you add during its preparation.

Thanks to Earth Spice Mixture, Which chicken wings lovers will love, It is a combination that works well for turkey as well as chicken. thanks to the sage contained in it, It will give a different taste to the dishes.

The product is a perfect combination for moms who make quick meals that kids love at home. Fast food at home will now be more fun with the airy seasoning mix that you will use while making hamburgers or pizza!

Potatoes go well with both meat and chicken. It becomes indispensable in the kitchen on its own. Its combination with Earth Spice Mix adds a different taste to potato dishes. You can also choose the mixture for your vegetable dishes. Our soil seasoning mix can be used with peace of mind in vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Recommended favorite foods:

● chicken dishes,

● recipes made with turkey meat,

● sauteed,

● tofu,

● potato dishes,

● type,

● fast food.