In this article, we provide you with an explanation of how to import from Turkey. How to find the right supplier and product, And what are the best ways to ensure the quality of service and the most appropriate shipping methods.

table of contents

  • Terms of import from Turkey
  • Search and communicate with suppliers and factories
  • Places and sites of purchase from Turkey
  • The best goods to import from Turkey
  • General directions and tips for importing from Turkey

Importing from Turkey is one of the most profitable and easy-to-apply experiences for traders and importers. Especially since it is easy thanks to the facilities that Turkey provides to businessmen and foreign importers. Also, Turkish products are distinguished by their high quality compared to the price, and this is what makes Turkey at the forefront of other manufacturing countries. In addition to the high demand for Turkish products, it is famous in the Arab world.

Surely you want to start importing from Turkey, But you always wonder where do I start and what do I need to take the first step safely and securely?

The import process generally depends on factors and conditions that you must adhere to. So that the process is completed without errors.

To ensure the success of the import process and to ensure that the goods comply with the regulations of your country, avoiding dangerous or unregulated goods and avoiding fines and penalties, You must know the conditions and laws that will allow you to carry out the process and the possibility of goods entering your country.

Terms of import from Turkey:

We will list the most important conditions and steps that must be taken and reviewed before attempting to import from Turkey

  • Ensure that all documents required for import from Turkey are available, such as a commercial registry, And an import license, and that these documents are approved and documented by the government agencies of your country
  • An import invoice documented by the relevant authorities in Turkey
  • Provides a certificate of origin for the product, provided that it is certified by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce
  • Ensure that the goods you want to import are authorized in your country, And to be intact to avoid exposure to any penalties upon customs clearance
  • Obtaining a certificate of conformity with the specifications from the competent authorities accredited in Turkey stating that the product conforms to the specifications of your country or the approved international specifications
  • Ensure the expiration date to comply with the standard specifications of your country
  • If you are going to import medical goods, Food or cosmetic products, there are some additional conditions that must be reviewed with the competent authorities in your country
  • Make sure to follow the whole process. Fill out papers correctly and keep them


Search and communicate with suppliers and factories

Professional communication with suppliers is based on determining what you want accurately, Dealing with factories as a specialized and professional trader, In addition, one of the success factors in the import process is to communicate with more than one supplier and factory. Before communicating with suppliers and factories, you must search and choose them carefully and accurately. This is done in two ways online and offline.

Online search for suppliers and factories in Turkey (Travel to Turkey):

Traveling to the country from which you want to import is the best and ideal option, especially when importing large quantities of goods. This method ensures that you visit as many suppliers as possible and thus have the ability to closely examine the products.

By traveling to Turkey, This is how you can negotiate face to face with suppliers and buy the best goods at the lowest possible prices. As well as ensuring the quality of the product, examining it and additional features, Also, once you come to Turkey, you will find that access to suppliers and areas famous for wholesale trade is the easiest. (Below you will find places and sites to buy from Turkey)

* We advise you before traveling to Turkey to plan well for your trip, Because that will help you very much in saving money and time as well. You can contact our customer service department for more information about trips and accommodation in Turkey

Searching for suppliers and factories in Turkey online:

There are many sites that facilitate the completion of deals via the Internet, but most of these sites are specialized and do not include all goods. Fortunately, you can contact the import and export department in our company, which provides you with many services and provides you with all the information you need to import from Turkey.

The commercial services department in our company provides you with a specialized team that provides you with a range of services such as:

  • Identifying suitable factories and suppliers
  • Ensure and check product quality
  • Provide shipping services
  • Processing the necessary documents
  • Providing specialized translators if you are in Turkey during your factory visit

  • For more information, you can visit our partner page on our website

Places and sites of purchase from Turkey

Turkey is characterized by many commercial regions and cities that gather all factories in one place for you to easily navigate between them and choose the best supplier for you.

We suggest some famous commercial areas in Turkey:

  • Marter Market

Marter Market is one of the most important and largest commercial markets in Istanbul. This market is characterized by its proximity to the industrial areas and the center of the country. It is also priced, It includes many shops that provide Turkish-made fashion, The market is also famous for the presence of multiple shipping companies that ship and clear goods to many Arab countries.

  • Laleli market – Laleli

La Lali district is one of the most important tourist and commercial destinations in Istanbul. Where there are hundreds of wholesale stores where bags, shoes, and men’s and women’s clothing are sold. In addition to children’s clothing, And wedding dresses also contains retail stores, It features Turkish brands in addition to international brands.

  • Al-Fateh Market

Fatih district is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul. It is characterized by the large number of shops from which you can buy retail at a wholesale price.

  • Othman Bey Market

Othman Bey market is distinguished by its specialization. It specializes in women’s products such as clothes, bags and shoes, makeup, evening dresses and many more products, It is also characterized by high product quality.

  • stoch market

One of the most important brands and industrial areas in Istanbul, Where they call it mini-China because once you arrive at the Stoch Market, you will find all the products you want at the best possible prices. The Stoch market is famous for its huge area and the ability to buy any quantity without any conditions.

  • For more information about commercial areas and suppliers, you can contact the commercial services department in our company

Trade fairs in Turkey:

Turkey establishes trade fairs annually to bring together suppliers and manufacturers in Turkey with businessmen from different countries of the world, These trade fairs are characterized by allocating days each year to gather suppliers and manufacturers in a specific field in one place and invite Turkish and foreign businessmen to visit these exhibitions. You can find suppliers by attending and visiting trade fairs.

Turkey is famous for many specialized trade fairs:

  • Exhibitions specialized in all building materials of all kinds, such as cement, wood, iron, steel, furniture, Doors and many other building materials

  • An exhibition specialized in computer systems and electronics. This exhibition is characterized by the presence of many different electronic devices, computer networks, information and security systems

  • A specialized exhibition for ceramics and sanitary ware. It is the second largest exhibition in the world in this field, as it includes more than 1,000 Turkish and international brands specialized in the field of ceramics, sanitary ware, Turkish bathroom and kitchen.

  • Food fair. This exhibition specializes in all kinds of Turkish food and beverages

  • Turkish exhibitions of leather industries. This exhibition is concerned with all types of leather industries. Especially the shoes

The best goods to import from Turkey

Most of the goods that Turkey exports annually

  • vehicles
  • Chemicals
  • Iron and steel
  • Clothing
  • electrical equipment
  • Plastic materials
  • metal
  • Ready-to-eat fruits and nuts
  • Textile
  • Food and agricultural products


The 10 best and most profitable Turkish products

  • Clothing
  • Textiles
  • Furniture and furniture
  • electrical equipment
  • agricultural products
  • Machinery and auto spare parts
  • Leather and leather products
  • Cosmetics and herbs
  • oils
  • ACs


General directions and tips for importing from Turkey

  • Familiarize yourself with the customs standards in your country before proceeding to import from abroad, so that you are not surprised when entering goods into a country with high customs tariffs.
  • Confirm the product you want to import from Turkey
  • Requesting a sample of goods before purchasing them from companies to ensure their quality
  • Knowing the conditions that must be established between you and the suppliers to avoid any problems
  • Gain information and learn from the experiences of others about the field and study it seriously before entering the import process.
  • Market study as required and adequate



  • In this article, the most important points that must be available for import from Turkey are mentioned and clarified. For more details and information on the product, supplier, Shipping and any other details. You can contact the commercial services department in our company, and a specialized team will provide you with the necessary data